Themed Machines

Themed Machines

While other work for everyone, we work for you.


We generate ideas supported by our know-how in technology and processes, and our experience in applications and specific sectors.


We provide knowledge and real solutions leading to greater safety, sustainability, lower costs and risks during the life cycle of the equipment.

Customised design

We design innovative and tailor-made solutions to each client.

We are accessible and work in close collaboration with the client. From the beginnings of an idea to its successful conclusion.
We provide customised solutions troughout the project, using innovative technology and practical answers.
We work with the client to perfect and update projects during the whole life of the product.

Intelligence responding to the challenges of this century.

Multi-Spindle REM system. Two axes tilting. A & B, together three cartesian axis – X / Y / Z. The system can provide one up to five heads.

Advanced solutions

We provide innovative solutions and services supported by our skills in mechanical and control technology, by applying the latest developments in the digital sphere and by our expertise in manufacturing processes.

Our robust experience in advanced machining prcesses enable us to design customised solutions to meed the neds of each client, which includes preliminary engineering work, study of the machining processes, technical specifications of the equipment, installation requirements and the work team needed to tackle this type of challenge. 

Our equipment includes the highest quality components to ensure the reliability, rigidity and thermal dynamic stability of the machine throughout its life, in response to our clients demand and precision required. 

We provide fully automated solutions integrating manufacturing and inspection equipment with robotic parts handling systems, managed by a control system developed by us, and we take care of the installation and commissioning of the lines anywhere in the world.

BM 7000 Bending machine

BMT 7000 can make rings with diameters from 1000 mm to 7000 mmm with the maximum section of 500×600 mm.


SCB75 is a machine designed for the longitudinal turning of long bars, with diameters from 20 to 90 mm and lengths up to 6 meters. It is fully automatic, being equipped with a supply and evacuation system.