Plant relocation works

Relocare industriala REM

The company provides complete services for relocating the industrial production capacities.Such production capacities may be reinstalled both at local and international level.The erection commissioning of all machines is assured in compliance with the technical specifications (cahier de charges).We provide our customers with technical endowment, experience and logistics needed for running any industrial project, especially for the machine tool domain.The equipment and machine tools submitted to relocation will be assessed geometrically and in terms of accuracy, so that they can be handed over to the customer under at least the same running condition.

Main Stages of the Industial Relocation Service:

  • Analysis of the relocation design or its
    drawing-out in compliance with the cahier de
  • Project-related planning and technical solu-
  • Provision of an efficient logistic plan (trans-
    port and lifting means etc.)
  • Building the foundation at the new location
  • Emptying the liquid tanks and their storage
  • Disconnecting the electric equipment and
  • Dismantling the equipment to components
  • Marking and labeling the dismantled
  • Complete solutions, design and installation
    of the production equipment
  • Technical consultancy for building the
    equipment foundations
  • Layout/location sketches for machines
  • Marking, positioning and setting the equip-
    ment to the foundation
  • Complete assemblage– mechanical,
    hydraulic, electrical
  • Bringing the equipment to the positions of
    horizontality, straightness, parallelism