Our Machine-Tools Production

A top provider of Heavy Duty Machinery

The production of Heavy Duty Machine Tools, especially VTL’s (Vertical Turning Lathes) has a key role in our company, being considered one of the most important fields. The extended knowledge of our specialists and the continuous acquiring of new technologies help us build extremely reliable and high quality products.

Besides VTL’s, our manufacturing program of heavy duty CNC Machine Tools includes:

• Horizontal lathes
• Horizontal boring mills
• Floor type boring mills
• Special purpose machines

Our Retrofitting/Modernizing/Service Division provides the best modernizations /overhauling / service for your precision metal cutting machines, regardless their manufacturing year and brand.



Our team of engineers makes sure that your machine-tool is in perfect working condition.



You can always opt-in for our extended guaranty and enjoy growing your business.



Choose from our range of Heavy Duty or Small machine-tools production to fit your company needs.

Heavy Duty Machine Tools

Heavy-Duty Machine-Tools Production in our state-of-the-art facility in Roman, Romania
We build heavy machine tools with the best partners next to us.

Our partners play a key role in the heavy machine tools production process and this is why we only work with respected companies in the field, thus, assuring the best outcome possible for both our clients and suppliers.

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