CNC Vertical Lathe TVB 5000 x 5250

Order Fault repair, Overhauling and output Optimisation of the TVB 5000/5250 CNC Vertical Lathe / Results of our visit in Thal

Fault repair, overhauling and output optimisation of the Model like follows:

1. Rams revising (1 x to ISO 50, 1x turning) and change the damaged parts necessary time 2-3 days

2. Faceplate axial jog revising and repairing, necessary time 2-3 days

3. Rebuilding entire main transmission with REM solution for going with double efficiency (chip removal up to 10-12 mm)

4. Remake the PLC software (incl. the workshop programs)/electric cabinet

5.Change 60kW motor with 100kW motor, Type Fanuc

6. Dismounting in Thal and mounting in Schoenstedt

7.Testing of the machine

DELIVERY TIME: 2 weeks after beginning with the dismounting of the machine in Thal (following after mounting and implementing the SC 50-70 in Schoenstedt